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With over 800 locations, 8,000 trucks, and 15,000 employees, Safelite is America’s leading automotive glass repair business. Newer cars have sophisticated safety systems that must be recalibrated at one of Safelite’s glass centers, which means many customers can no longer have their windshields replaced in their driveway.

Quake collaborated with the Safelite team to redesign the customer experience and brand identity to be as contemporary as their glass replacement technologies.


  • Strategy,
  • logo,
  • brand design,
  • brand language,
  • system design,
  • content system,
  • campaign design,
  • brand experience extensions,
  • livery,
  • motion graphics,
  • video,
  • innovation,
  • wearables,
  • employee communications,
  • office design,
  • animation,
  • events.

New logo, old charm

A revised logo was crafted to maintain the recognition, heritage, and charm of the existing logo while signalling a more contemporary version of the Safelite brand people know and love.

The new logo formed the starting point for a full brand system refresh.

A proprietary library of modular illustrations were created. This library allows internal teams to easily populate websites, apps, printed communications, screen content, and emails.

Reimagining the Centers.

The service centers are now central to the customer experience, so Quake had to rethink the branding, aesthetic, and customer experience.

A new signage system and standards were created to adapt to the many applications across 50 states and 800 locations.

Quake worked with the Safelite retail design team to create a new reception and waiting area experience or a new furniture standard, layout, and finishings.

The staff play a central role in the customer experience, so new uniforms were designed to aid in visibility and wearability.

Mobile windshield rockstars.

While many customers have to come into the service centers, Safelite still has more than 8000 vehicles on the road. Quake simplified the production to avoid vinyl applications that would fade in the Florida sun and complicate refreshes and repairs.

The new system uses one color and feels premium. We kept things friendly with memorable statements on the back doors for our future customers.

Share the love.

Safelite employees have a lot of company pride, so a selection of fun items was created to help them telegraph that love.

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