Making vertical farming, make sense.

GoodLeaf is a vertical farm that delivers nutrient-dense microgreens to supermarket shelves less than a week after picking them. Most consumers don’t understand what vertical farming is, but they do understand the benefits. Microgreens are incredibly nutrient-dense and pesticide-free.

Quake was tasked with crafting a new positioning that could quickly explain the benefits of vertical farming without getting technical. 

Because GoodLeaf micro-greens are unlike field greens, a unique visual identity was created for a category that is not usually well branded.

The result was the All Good. No Evil positioning and a brand that stood apart from its competitors in the aisle and at events.


  • Strategy,
  • brand design,
  • logo,
  • brand language,
  • naming,
  • brand experience extensions,
  • campaign design,
  • animation,
  • motion graphics,
  • wearables.

The new logo grew from the old logo. We reimagined the leaf and made the halo core to the brand promise. The new positioning line builds on the halo and “good.”

Achievements, not features.

It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to bring produce this special to the shelf, so we framed the product benefits as achievements, modeled from the patches you might find on a Scout’s sash. This created a fun visual language that is unique to the brand.

The All Good, No Evil. positioning telegraphs the benefits in only a few words, but it also helped clarify the Good Leaf mission. Everything they do lives by this mantra.

Quake then crafted packaging concepts and a visual language that would show how it would come to life beyond the shelf.

Quake crafted social and promotional executions to ensure the brand elements could grow into a brand world.

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