The original plays a new game.

Avalon Hill practically invented the combat-based strategy game category. Audiences for strategy games have increased as the game themes became more varied, social, and inclusive. The games had evolved, and it was time for the logo to do the same.

The Avalon Hill identity needed to better reflect the games and the gamers that would create the next chapter of success. It needed to be bolder and more graphic. It had to play nice with game brands and emerging technologies. Lastly, it had to be visually comfortable with a greater variety of aesthetics.

A stylized ‘A’ with an embedded jagged hill would become the visual shorthand for the brand name. We turned it into a canvas for each game’s world.


  • Brand design,
  • strategy,
  • brand experience extensions,
  • animation.

A full logo suite, animations, and standards were created for the Hasbro team to roll out branded executions.

Made for games

The Avalon Hill logo lives alongside some of the most recognizable and visually diverse games. We needed to craft a logo that would call attention to itself without clashing with the aesthetics of each game.

Made for digital

A huge part of the joy of board games is their physicality. People love the boxes, the boards, the pieces, and the in-person time with friends. But much of the gaming community and shopping channels exist online, and the Avalon Hill identity needed to thrive there as well.

Made for fans

Fans are one of the best parts of the gaming world, and the Avalon Hill identity needed to reward them. We crafted an identity that could be extended to conferences, pop-up shops, swag, and collectibles.