Supercharging performing artists.

Performing artists are vital to a vibrant cultural scene, but often, they are left to their own devices, must make do with sub-par leftover spaces, and string together their own mentorship and training.

The B Street Collective, a cutting-edge incubator, partners with performing artists to provide them with professional and performance space, community, equipment, and mentorship.

Quake worked with B Street to define its positioning, brand narrative, and visual language. The identity was crafted with the community of artists, so their words, performances, and artwork became part of the brand elements. The goal was to create an iconic brand that could be updated to always reflect the community it serves.


  • Strategy,
  • naming,
  • brand design,
  • brand language,
  • content system,
  • logo,
  • events,
  • wearables,
  • office design,
  • motion graphics,
  • video.

The B Street brand was designed to be modular and easy to adapt without breaking the bank.

Artists are core to B Street, so we embedded ourselves in the community by partnering with local artists to craft the artwork and writing for a line of wearable pieces and an upcoming short film.