Re:imagining toothpaste.

Even though Colgate has been an innovator in the toothpaste space for decades, the actual tube of paste hasn’t changed much over the years. Quake was called when Colgate created a new toothpaste that used a recyclable container. The existing tubes were not recyclable. 

The reimagined tube was created to be recyclable and more convenient. The new form factor made it possible for the paste to sit out on your counter when not in use. The revised formulation meant you could get every drop of paste out of the tube. No more squeezing in vain; this paste neatly dropped out onto your brush.

Three different varieties were created, each focusing on a specific benefit: Breath Revitalizing, Smile Brightening, and Teeth Whitening. Quake differentiated them with contrasting patterns and simplified language.


  • Packaging design,
  • strategy,
  • naming,
  • system design,
  • brand experience extensions.